Our Different Programs for Different Needs

Me As Myself

Living life means to continuously sail in the tides of highs and lows. What makes a difference is keeping the oar of wisdom intact to reach the shore. As much as a boat needs motor or manpower to move ahead, it is equally imperative to identify whether or not it is moving in the desired destination. This program is a journey towards shaking hands with an undiscovered version of yourself.

Academia To Application

A complete soft skill and image building package for final year students gearing up for the corporate world. Certain industry and professions like marketing, sales, media, theatre, etc. specifically seek individuals with an appealing personality. Soft skills has become the need of the hour as it enables a person to handle situations involving human behavior both at work or in personal life. As image and soft skills go hand in hand this workshop is designed as a wonderful fusion of both skills providing a wholesome solution to the target that is getting ready for a life in the professional world. .

Experts To Leaders

Empowerment of employees is a major factor in long term success of an organization. Employees who feel empowered positively contribute to a greater extent through greater involvement, accepting of responsibility and accepting accountability. While empowerment as a concept has existed for several decades, its practice has been limited. The highly demanding nature of work, millennial culture and rapidly evolving business environment make empowerment a necessity. This is a well designed workshop for managers at all levels, that aims to identify steps for defining, identifying, garnering support, imbibing and sustaining empowerment. It will help the professionals to convert the theoretical knowledge into practice.

Personal Productivity for Scaling Performance

This program intends to capture the essence of the very natural human pursuit of achieving personal growth by doing better and achieving better i.e. focus on task and result. Productivity being the key to personal and professional progress, the workshop is designed vastly on a transformational mode leading to visible positive transitions taking place in the participants. The tools and techniques taught and practiced have brought about a change in thousands of trainees who have undergone this program. It is suitable for both students and young professionals.

Communicate to Win

Get into active listening as it is not about words only, it is about sounds, actions, body language, emotion, attitudes and many more external and internal factors that help you understand the total message. Also, impactful communication is a two way process. We all know the right way to communicate, however implement only half of it. Sometimes we say things that we really do not mean, or send strokes that we don't really intend to. The idea of how not to say what we do not really wish to is the main highlight of this segment.

Transformational Thinking

We often limit ourselves to our imaginary walls of inhibitions. How about going beyond and digging deeper. In this era of nerve-wrecking competition for sustenance, there is a dire need for a continual display of one’s worth. Since the markets today are already saturated and all the resources seem depleted, innovation is the savior. This workshop aims to set people free from their defined spaces and let them observe, feel and apply differently.

Realize & Repeat

Being empowered in the emotional quotient is the key ingredient in the recipe of success. However acquiring one is an equally greater challenge. We all know our capability of moving even the hardest of rocks, however in all the harshness that life throws at us forget to believe in self. Positive affirmations is a way to keep oneself reminded of one’s strength. This is a uniquely designed workshop to bring about a flexibility in thoughts and feelings so that one can respond optimally in everyday situation.

Etiquette Ready

A person is defined by the way he presents himself even in the little nitty-gritties of his daily life. It is his etiquette and mannerisms that sets him apart and makes himself uniquely distinguishable. Advocating the famous saying by Clarence Thomas, “Good manners will open the doors that the best education cannot”. Most of the business is conducted over a meal today and display of right etiquette goes a long way to create an impression as well as likeability. This workshop covers the whole gamut of professional, business and corporate office etiquette ethics along with a fine dine practical.

Be the Person to Look upto

All of us are empowered with the various roles that we play in our daily lives. Each role demands us to portray ourselves differently. This program enables people to manage their first impressions in personal, professional and social life through effective visual communication by not only guiding people on what works, what doesn’t but also WHY in visual communication.

Marriage Ready

Getting ready for the big day is no less than a journey of evolution that both the bride and the groom treads on. Each step on this journey however is full of anxiety, thinking about the life ahead. This program is designed to make this journey smoother, calmer and well organized.

College Ready

The first day of college is something everyone dreams of as kids. There is an unsaid performance pressure on the young adults. The pressure of being socially belonged and accepted in a crowd. This program deals with all such issues a young lady or a man would face both mentally and in terms of physical appearance.

Enhance Your Beauty through Makeup

Who doesn't like to look good. Day in and day out we struggle with n numbers of image makers and breakers and don't know what and how to use . This program empowers the individual to do their own makeup appropriate for different occasions and moods.

Eat the Right Way

Business and dining etiquette are a mark of a true man or a woman. Most of the business is conducted over a meal today and display of right etiquette goes a long way to create an impression as well as likeability. This session includes business and dining etiquette training with a fine dining practical.

Lead-The Adventurous Way

Self-assurance, emotional stability, dominance, enthusiasm, social etiquettes, team orientation, high energy and intuitiveness are some of the key traits of a leader. All of these can be enhanced through adventure activities. This program provides organizations a unique opportunity to expose their employees to an environment which involves competition, challenging tasks, team work and inter-play of human emotions in a controlled setting. The coaches are highly experienced and cover the touch points which indoor training programs fail to achieve. Ideally suited for groups and teams in organizations, the program rejuvenates the members and charges them up for the taking on the challenges of a new task or solving a fresh problem.

On Balance Program

A refreshing and motivating workshop specially designed for special educators and parents of “brave heart” (differently-abled) children. The workshop is designed to make them identify and design a support system which makes their job and role more enjoyable and sustainable. The key point is that individuals dealing with differently-abled children and adults have a wonderful task of operating in two different realms of life and need to make a beautiful balance between both. Besides the work life, the program also covers tools and techniques to managing the affairs in a manner that both professional and personal requirements are fulfilled.

Get Set Go

This is a specially designed 3 day workshop for students looking for a last minute refinement of themselves before facing the board. It talks about all the major areas of concern that the students must acknowledge in order to emerge successful in interviews.

Developing the Ambassadors

For a person to remember and come back to a restaurant where he dined at or a hotel where he stayed during the vacation, it's all about what he experiences. The pleasant experience is contributed by the complete cluster- from the gatekeeper to the manager. These are the people who are the actual ambassadors of the goodwill of any hotel or a restaurant. This is a specially designed program for those who are looking to grow their hospitality business.


Why this fear? Talk with me to feel me, appreciate me, believe me and lets be friends. Lets be mathomates ! A unique, high energy, fun-filled workshop where Mathematics is talked to and played with.The activities conducted here lead to warding the fear off, and developing non-volatile mathematical skills that promises to stay forever.

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